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Furusato Huis Event 28 September 2023


Please join our Furusato Huis Event

on 28 September 2023 from 19:00 -21:00

(door opens at 18:30)

at Ouderkerkerlaan 15, 1185 AB, Amstelveen

Let’s together talk about life in a collective housing!

Furusato Huis aims for a collective living space which pursues the balance between the independence and the sharing for multicultural and multigenerational residents.

"Sharing with others"; what could it mean within the context of collective housing?

What would be collective and individual aspects within Furusato Huis? There are no existing set of rules and we are going to create own conditions in future.

This workshop is an informal first step towards the formation of idea of Furusato Huis.

As most of us haven't experienced living in collective setting, we invite two guest speakers who have lived or lives in collective housing in Japan and the Netherlands. They will share their experiences, and together, we will have an open discussion how we would like to see Furusato Huis.

This event is for anyone interested in the Furusato Huis concept or any other collective housing concept but it is not asked any concrete commitment. Your opinion will be reflected to the direction of the ongoing development of Furusato Huis.

The event is held in English, supported in Dutch and in Japanese where necessary.

  • Participation Fee is EUR 5.

  • The maximum number of the participants are 30.

  • Please enroll prior to 25 September 2023.

Please register from here below bottom or send an e-mail to

Stichting Furusato Huis Project

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